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We back-up our computer every week —- I think?

Very often when I am taking to companies and the topic of back-up comes up and I ask them when was the last time you backed-up, the answer is usually one of the following: Last week – I think My assistant handles that I am not sure I have been meaning to get that done […]

Order Details, Payment Overdue, Account alert, Notice to appear

What do these phrases (subject lines) have in common? Order Details Payment Overdue Account alert Notice to appear Incoming Fax Report Delivery Status Notification Discover Card Postal Service They are all email phishing attempts. If the “bad guys’ send you 10 e-mails, there is a 92% chance you will open one of them according […]

Identity Theft – you are completely safe

You would be amazed at the number of people that think they do not need to do anything to protect their identity. People are thinking that since I am not popular or do not have a lot of money, I am safe from Identity Theft. Well that is just not true. The organized criminal groups […]

ShieldsUp (no it is not Star Trek) Check your Firewall

How exposed is your computer / network? There is a tool out there that will allow you to test your vulnerability. What is going to happen is they are going to test your system to see if it is easy for the bad guys to access your computer from outside your organization.  The do […]

A New Perspective on Computer Security

As a 25 year old, I can honestly say that computer security has never been a topic on the forefront of my mind. I mean I’m young so why should I “waste my time” worrying about that. Well in the past few days my perspective on this has vastly changed and I realized that there […]