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Latest Security News

A New Perspective on Computer Security

As a 25 year old, I can honestly say that computer security has never been a topic on the forefront of my mind. I mean I’m young so why should I “waste my time” worrying about that. Well in the past few days my perspective on this has vastly changed and I realized that there […]

Even experts can be fooled by spam

This morning as I was going through hundreds of e-mails from the long weekend I ran across an e-mail that said that one of my many domains has expired and that I needed to act quickly to hang on to it. I forwarded this e-mail to my assistant thinking that she has missed something. Well […]

Emails are dangerious – beware of cryptolocker

Over the last few days my inbox had been deluged with spam e-mails. I got one from “Discover Card” that looked very legitimate telling me that I needed to update my information immediately and that my card would not work until I had done it. They were very nice and provided a link. Even the […]

Latest Computer Threats

Cryptolocker is by far the greatest threat out there. I could go on and on about how bad this problem is and what you need to do to protect yourself but the New York Times has written a great article that could not explain it better. I highly recommend that you click on this link […]

Time to Update

If I had more time I would play more golf, workout more, spend more time with my Grandchildren, work on my model train layout and do more woodworking projects. Instead I and my company spend our time maintaining and updating computers so our customers can pay more golf, workout more … If you have one […]