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Everybody has an IT guy

Everybody has an IT (computer) guy, but what does he do compared to what you need him to do? Very few IT guys do everything and even fewer do everything well. You need someone that can handle the things you need handled. They also need to be able to identify the things that you need […]

Cryptolocker has hit again

I go by the assumption that most people don’t really believe there is a threat when it comes to computer security. Not only that, but I don’t think people even think about it. The most security awareness that the average person has is to hit the “later” button on their computer virus software when it […]

What type of lures are used for phishing?

One morning as I was enjoying my first hot cup of coffee, I suddenly heard my computer’s email notification sound.  I read the subject line of the message stating, “You have received a new voice-mail.”  As I looked through the email, I saw that the sender was Microsoft Office voice-mail.  I wondered, “What in the […]

Keeping your computer safe is a constant process

I got a call today from a customer that mentioned that he needed to renew his antivirus program. During the process, he was offered a service where they would login and clean up his system. There are two ways this could have gone. 1.  They could have – with his permission – logged into the […]