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Identity Theft can cause life threatening problems

Smiling doctor talking to patient at office desk.

If your identity is stolen and the person uses your information to visit a doctor, go to an emergency room or go to the dentist and they give the doctor information about themselves that could be detrimental to your health, you could be in danger next time you go to the doctor. With today’s EMR […]

There are things going on that you do not know about


Is your computer being used to send out Spam emails or acting as a server for people to log into to get their key to unlock their data because they now have the Cryotolocker or Cryptowall virus? There are many reasons that your computer may be hacked and many of them have nothing to do […]

Who cares about a back-up? Make time to back-up your computer.

The words Make Time for What Matters on a clock representing the

Today I logged into a customer’s computer and the 24” monitor’s desktop was covered with icons. There is nothing wrong with that but it will cause the computer to run slow. More important than that, I asked “are you backing up the desktop as well as you My Documents”? The answer was – Back-ups? So […]

I am sick and tired of hearing “backup your system”

business, office, school and education concept - stressed busine

Backup your system  is all we hear from all different sources including us. We know we are supposed to backup regularly and many of us do – or do we? When was the last time you backed up your WordPress website? When did you last backup your iPhone or iPad? What about your notebook computer […]

Your employees control the security of your business

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If your receptionist got a call from Microsoft telling her that she had a “critical virus issue” on her computer and they needed to check it out. Would your receptionist, bookkeeper, sales person, know how to respond? Their response will determine if your system is opened up to malicious viruses, criminal activity or identity theft. […]