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Your employees control the security of your business

A businesswoman is seated at a desk in an office and is looking

If your receptionist got a call from Microsoft telling her that she had a “critical virus issue” on her computer and they needed to check it out. Would your receptionist, bookkeeper, sales person, know how to respond? Their response will determine if your system is opened up to malicious viruses, criminal activity or identity theft. […]

How well do you know your computer?

Do you know what’s running on your computer?  Well, many people answer that question by saying, “Yes! “  However, sometimes we find ourselves too busy to check the programs that are installed on our computers.  At times, we miss the opportunity to get rid of obvious viruses and spyware, by leaving unknown programs installed on […]

New Domains that are available – NOW

There are a number of domain names that have been released for registration. Now is the time if you want to lock in a unique name or if you are interested in investing in domain names for future use or sell. Simply go to our website and enter the name you are interested in […]

The new Ebola virus for the Computer

We are living in an ever changing world. We see the technological advancement and new products are being introduced with better security. The hackers also are honing their skill in order to be ahead of the security that maybe put in place. A lot of us we are clued to our TV screens, website, and […]