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What does a secure, reliable and backed-up computer look like?

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In today’s world, everyone has computers. We have Desktops, notebooks, laptops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Androids and anything else that may be invented or used. Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew that all this “technology” was secure, reliable and backed-up? Now you are saying, to yourself, it is! Well, is it? Are you sure? Maybe […]

5 Ways to protect from identity theft in 2015?

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2015 promises to be a banner year in Identity Theft. With the successes the Bad Guys had in 2014, they will certainly step it up in 2015. Identity Theft is subject to supply and demand just like anything else. For the Bad Guys to maintain their income, they need more identity theft items (Social Security […]

Time, we all have the same amount. What are you doing with yours?

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I am reading a new book called “Procrastinate on Purpose” by Roy Vaden that talks about multiplying your time, not just reorganizing it. I will not go into the details here, but the focus of the book is to do the things that make you more productive, not just moving things around. At Saunders, we […]

Your automatic Windows Updates are not working

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Most customers have Windows 7 or Windows 8.  Windows now come with an automatic Windows update feature, already turned, on that is set to update your Windows operating system automatically, but it just does not work. What if you had a burgular alarm system in your house that worked most of the time but not […]

What is the deal with Identity Theft Protection?

The other day someone asked me if they needed Identity Theft protection. My answer was YES. For many years, we have been potential victims of identity but never as much as today. So what has happened to make Identity Theft such a lucrative business? Back in the early 2000’s an Identity Thief could get $1.00 […]